Graphic or Logo 

   -Outline of farm with text inside

   -Gif of farm being built or designed

   -5 Events

   -25,000 Dollars


Flyer of Events

    -Events scheduled and sent out early

          1.  Kick off event at lost and found or at place

          2.  Low Income Garden Build Bus Day w/ Live music and permaculture classes

          3.  Prom Party/Hoe Down at PLACE or Lost and Found

          4.  Social Justice Tour of Pescadero and Santa Cruz + Beginning Surfing Trip

          5.  End of the Year Celebration + final Fundraiser for Farm out at the Land - Pot Luck


Link To Each Event with Information and a way to buy a ticket

Donation Button - Become a Fundraiser Button

- Video about The Farm 2 Minute -

Top Donors Tab

Progress Bar For the Entire Fundraiser

HEFFer style 

    -Fruit Tree


    -Tree Guild



    -Bee Hive


    -Deer Fence