Alisia Brown visits Mcclymonds High School

My name is Alisia Brown.  I am a canvasser for Planting Justice and one of the reasons for me getting involved in the first place was the work that we did with the community and the children.  I have been wanting to get more involved in Planting Justice's Education department for about a year, so when the opportunity presented itself I jumped on it!

I got the chance to go to Mcclymonds High School with Haleh and a few of the TYY (transform your yard) guys to make vitamin waters with the kids while they were on their lunch break.  It was amazing to see the kids faces when they saw the vitamin water station set up.  A lot of the kids wanted to come over before they even ate lunch - LOL.  There were two cheerleaders that were excited that we were there and they told all their friends to come get some vitamin water.  It really brought a smile to my face to see kids take interest in being healthy because i never had that option growing up.  I cant wait to go back.