BIG NEWS: Tens of thousands of working people are striking in hundreds of cities on April 15. And we’re standing with them.

For far too long, we’ve allowed profitable corporations to ignore the basic well-being and needs of everyday Americans. Tomorrow, men and women – fast food clerks, Walmart associates, home healthcare aides, adjunct professors, airport employees and more – are going on strike across the country. Together, we’re using our collective voices to demand a better economic system – one that provides families with decent jobs and a starting wage of $15 an hour  

We’re standing up, we’re speaking up and we’re FIGHTING for $15 because…

We believe if you go to work, you should have a decent job that makes ends meet.

McDonald’s, Walmart and greedy corporations will continue to take advantage of all of us if we don’t stand together.

When we hold big business accountable, the men and women who keep our economy running have the opportunity to live a decent life and strive for the American dream.

If enough of us stand up together, we are heard. We are taken seriously. We make change happen.

Are you with us? Then show your support by watching and sharing our new video about the #Fightfor15.

Tomorrow’s massive protests will make history in the ongoing movement for better pay, better schedules and respect. We want as many people as possible to hear our call for $15 so more people can join the fight.

Stand with us: Please watch and share our new video NOW!

Thanks for all that you do,

Sarita Gupta Executive Director Jobs With Justice

P.S. Click here to find out if there's a rally near you tomorrow. Join Jobs With Justice coalitions and tens of thousands of workers and supporters in the Fight for $15. Together, we can make history!