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Planting Justice searching for a Deputy Director

Planting Justice is searching for a Deputy Director! If having primary responsibility for internal operations; assisting in support and problem solving for each program (Canvass, Transform Your Yard, Education, Urban Farms and Training Centers, and Holistic Re-Entry), strategic program development, implementation, evaluation, and funding, sounds appealing to you, contact us now at!

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Pathways 2 Resilience Letter and Update

Two years ago, local non and for profit organizations combined forces to create Pathways 2 Resilience with this question in mind: "Could an integrated program of culturally relevant, experiential permaculture design education; meaningful, values-aligned, and entrepreneurial work; and wrap around services, reduce recidivism by healing and restoring participants’ connections to the community and the environment?". Find out the end result here.

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Plant! Cook! Organize! Staff Training Update

Various members of Planting Justice Staff convened for an internal training around the Plant! Cook! Organize! Curriculum currently in development here at the organization. The curriculum covers some exciting methods and techniques to give Staff members the training to facilitate workshops with communities most impacted by poverty and food injustice. Read more about our new engaging, inspiring curriculum here.

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Workplace Justice Series on Racism and Police Violence

In response to the killing of black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Planting Justice identified “Racism and Police Violence” as a form of oppression we wanted to address in our quarterly, day-long Workplace Justice trainings. After several months of Black Lives Matter direct actions taking place in cities across the U.S., Planting Justice staff members came together on a rainy day in January to dialogue about lived experiences of structural, systemic, institutionalized, and interpersonal racism, especially the impacts of police terrorism and the history of, as Angela Davis describes, “the unbroken line of police violence in the US that takes us all the way back to the days of slavery.” Read more to hear what we learned and discussed.

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Party for a Better World! Healthy Holiday Tasting Event and Green, Local Gift Ideas

Kat Schuett, Chief Enlightenment Officer (CEO) And Hostest with the Mostest of The Better World Hub invites you to Party for a Better World. If you want to sample a wide range of organic, healthy, green, local products ranging from gourmet food, sweet confections, superfoods and snacks to eco-spa products and "purefums,” head over to their Healthy Holiday Tasting Event.

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Thoughts on Policing & Safety (Curriculum Included)

While Oakland has quietly been gearing up for Urban Shield, a police and first responder training, the nation has been captivated by a discourse of police brutality, racial profiling and safety. A string of unarmed men of color shot and killed by police has sparked protests and solidarity movements from Oakland to Ferguson and from Los Angeles to Gaza. Check out PJ’s educational materials in response, here.

PC: Endless Canvass

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