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Our Workplace Justice Series: the Abolition of the Prison Industrial Complex

Currently, 11 out of 22 of our staff members have been formerly incarcerated, and we believe our work at Planting Justice directly contributes to reducing the level of mass incarceration - we’ve offered employment to 18 different men returning home from prison, with a zero percent recidivism rate. And, despite our efforts, the Prison Industrial Complex still operates as a violent beast that is disproportionately stealing and enslaving people of color from our communities. Hear our take on the Prison Industrial Complex here.

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We Don't Need Another Jail - Part I

The United States imprisons more people, per capita, than any other nation in the world. This system of mass incarceration, which currently holds more than 2.4 million human beings in cages. So why is California spending billions of dollars on jail expansion this year?? Find out why, and what Planting Justice thinks we can use our money for instead, here.

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A People’s History with the Insight Garden Program at San Quentin State Prison by Haleh Zandi