Please share this video, and come out on Friday!!!! 7am-7pm."Afrika Town organizers are responding quickly by organizing a Liberation Day which will take place this Friday April 3rd at 2313 San Pablo Ave. It will be an all day event from 7 am until the evening and it will include: a children’s jumper, live performances, and a community speak out. “We need people’s bodies to defend the garden and set up human barriers” says Grant. The organizers also expressed a need for people to bear witness by serving as “Cop Watchers” and filming the direct action so it can go viral. Outside of the Afrika Town Community Garden, there are many other events sponsored by Qilombo Community Center, which is an “African and Indigenous led radical community center which hosts daily events that advance: community healing, empowerment, self-determination, and collective liberation.” Some of its services include a: library, computer lab, bike shop, community breakfasts, needle exchange, yoga workshops, and free clothing giveaways. It is an organization that survives only from donations and is completely volunteer-led."