Documentary: Tree Ring Film Fund is raising money to film Planting Justice's Pathways 2 Resilience Collaboration!!!


Please share and support this fundraising campaign!!! Tree Ring Film Fund is fundraising to shoot a professional film of our Pathways 2 Resilience project!!!  Members of Tree Ring Productions are funding a third of the production costs and crowd-funding the remaining $2000 per video. In addition to Pathways 2 Resilience, there are nine other Bay Area nonprofits in the Film Fund.


Meet the Tree Ring Changemakers

  1. 350 Bay Area - Stop Fracking
  2. Bay Localize
  3. Community Living Campaign
  4. Just One Tree
  5. Local Clean Energy Allicance
  6. Pathways to Resilience!!
  7. PeaceTones
  8. RE-volv
  9. Shaping San Francisco
  10. Transition US

Each organization has met the following Tree Ring Film Fund criteria:

  • Based in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Is a for public benefit organization
  • Has 5 or fewer full time staff members
  • Has a project goal that a video will help them to achieve
  • Alignment with Tree Ring's social and environmental values

Your contribution will make it possible for:

  • 350 Bay Area to tell the truth about Fracking in California, so we can stop it
  • Bay Localize to further empower youth to map their future, learning and mapping assets in their community that help them to live healthier and earn a good living.
  • The Community Living Campaign to get the word out to seniors and people with disabilities about programs that will help to reduce isolation and reweave community
  • Just One Tree to raise funds to plant 12,000 lemon trees in San Francisco
  • The Local Clean Energy Alliance to get the word out about community choice energy and how it will bring quality clean energy jobs to Oakland
  • Pathways to Resilience to tell a new story about community regeneration and how men and women who have been incarcerated are learning new skills in permaculture that lead to good paying jobs to help them and their families reintegrate into society
  • PeaceTones to further the careers of musicians in developing countries
  • RE-volv to extend their reach in educating communities about solar energy while also getting donations for their revolving solar fund
  • Shaping San Francisco to continue addressing public amnesia, so the stories of the past can help us to learn and inform the present and future.
  • Transition US to inspire local resilience in the face of global issues like climate change, resource scarcity, and economic uncertainty
  • Ten fruit tree to be planted in California school orchards, bringing opportunities for learning, care and nourishment to scores of school children
  • Tree Ring Productions to create films with meaning and heart

Check out and share our video!!

Visit (and donate if you are able) to the campaign today