Drought Series: EBMUD offering up to $2,500 to convert your lawn into a sustainable garden!


Sheet Mulch Your Lawn!!! Through June 30, 2014

Reduce your water bill and earn rebates for one or more landscape and irrigation equipment upgrades.

Up to $2,500 Single- and Multi-Family (4 units or less) Residential

Up to $20,000 Commercial and Multi-Family (5 units or more)

Choose from a menu of cost-effective upgrades you can use to create low water use landscaping, improve irrigation efficiency, and lower your water bill:

  • Convert high water use lawns to sustainable landscaping.
  • Convert sprinklers to in-line drip irrigation.
  • Replace conventional sprinkler nozzles with high-efficiency rotating or precision nozzles.
  • Replace traditional irrigation timers with self-adjusting models.
  • Install pressure regulators to improve system performance.
  • Install submeters to improve leak detection and irrigation management.

The program is available to qualifying single-family homes, multi-family properties, and commercial and institutional landscape irrigators. Please note that rebates are not retroactive.

Lawn and in-line drip conversions require a pre-installation visit from an EBMUD representative before work has started. The project must be completed within six months of application approval and a post-conversion inspection is required.

High-efficiency nozzle, self-adjusting controller, pressure regulator, and submeter rebate applications must include an original receipt for the purchase of qualifying equipment and be postmarked or received by EBMUD within 90 days of purchase. A pre-installation consultation with EBMUD is encouraged but not required. A post-installation inspection is required to verify that qualifying equipment is properly installed.

More information Here: http://www.ebmud.com/sites/default/files/pdfs/lci-brochure-web-2014.pdf