Event this Tuedsday: Honor the Earth: Environmental Issues from an Indigenous Perspective with Winona Laduke

Please join us for a community forum with Winona LaDuke during her visit to Ohlone/Chochenyo territories!

Tuesday, December 10th @ 7 PM
Intertribal Friendship House
523 International Blvd, Oakland, California 94606-2909

This will be an opportunity to gain insights into environmental protection through the lens of a grassroots organization: Honor the Earth. The recent "Triple Crown" Horse Rides for Mother Earth protecting this planet from the destructive impacts of fracking and tar sands oil extraction, shall be discussed by Winona.

Honor the Earth, now moving into it's twentieth year, is a voice which brings hope and resilience to our communities through media, music and pro-active approaches. We need your support to continue. THIS WORK NEEDS YOU!

Thanks, hope to see you there!