Fresh Veggies In My Backyard!


On the month of May 2013 we installed a 3 raised veggie bed garden, 2 fairy garden beds, and some perennial shrubs for an elementary school teacher in Oakland, and we were all exited to hear that he was once Julio's teacher! (Julio one our permaculture designers in training) Tim was happy to know that Julio was doing well and giving back to his community in such a beautiful way. In the picture above you can see Tim's harvest that includes one dragon cucumber, one big squash, and some persian cucumbers. Days before that Tim was enjoying more of his vegiies in salads such as his collard greens and chard, that was grown in his backyard as well. 20130802_171444

In the picture above you can see one of the beds and some of the greens that have been harvested and eaten yuuuummmm! Also polytubing coming to all of the beds and providing water


Also the perennial shrubs that include, 3 raspberries, and 3 blueberries that were all giving fruit and will give more fruit next year! As well as the fairy garden that is only made of of colorful flowers and plants that will attract beneficial insects and  pollinators.