The Freedom Chronicles: Greetings, Y'all! Free at Last - 50 Days & Counting

Hello, Friends! 

This is is good ol' Planting Justice Bilal, the 18th hire for PJ's San Quentin re-entry program, coming to you once again with a 50 day check in. Yes, after 20 years in prison, I have been free now 50 days and counting. Let's say life is wonderful, although there are many adversities one faces during re-entry, being able to face those are a blessing. 

Working with Planting Justice has been a godsend for me. Our organization has afforded me a platform to give back and let my positive light shine through for all those I encounter, whether it's on the streets doings community outreach, writing blog posts or sharing a word or two with the youth we serve through our education program. So I can say that at 50 days and climbing, I am truly blessed and looking forward to shining this light of mine clear on through 2016.

Thank you to everyone who supports Planting Justice with a monthly donation for making this all possible for me. If you're not a monthly member but want to support people like me successfully making the transition home from prison, you can sign up here. 

Check back here on January 18th (Martin Luther King Day!) for a video update from me when I reach the 60 day mark! 

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