Grow Compost the Empire in 2014!


Happy New Year! Thank you so much to those who have contributed their writings, pictures and thoughts in 2013.  Planting Justice created the Compost the Empire Blog with the hope that one day it would be an autonomous food justice space; a place where localized efforts around the world could share their stories, projects and strategies.  We hope that you have enjoyed some of the incredible stories shared this last year and encourage you to get even more involved in the movement!

We are honored to grow this online community and believe that strengthening interconnectedness will greatly benefit on-the-ground justice movements.  Permaculture refers to process of designing "Permanent  Cultures," built with social resilience and ecological patterning.  When I think about creating a permanent culture - I think deeply about the culture that I am seeking to extend and solidify.  For me this is the purpose of Compost the Empire - holding space to plant and tend a resilient, abundant and just culture.  When I need a reminder: Why should I plant this tree that I won't see fruiting for years?  Why should I design this hillside for multiple generations?  Why am I sitting in front of a computer for hours edditing videos?  - Compost the Empire has been a rock for me.  A solid, heavy, weight that grounds and humbles me.

Continue to grow Compost the Empire with us in the new year!  Consider subscribing to the blog - (Located below the Donate button on the Right hand side of your screen).  Consider submitting your thoughts and work to and please keep reading and sharing with your friends.

In Solidarity,

Wiley and the Planting Justice Media Team