Harvest at Fremont High!

13476206763_cdbfc53c52_oOn Friday March 28th the Planting Justice Education team hosted a spring harvest distribution at Fremont High. As spring has arrived we noticed many of the crops at the Fremont High garden were ready to be harvested and consumed. Some students got to skip out on a class period to join us harvesting, cleaning, bunching and accounting for the produce we harvested. Three girls in particular stayed longer to help harvest after their peers returned to class, we listened to music and bunched collard greens. We harvested collard greens, beets, sweet peas, spring onions, bunching onions, dinosaur kale, lettuce, celery, fresh herbs and flower bouquets with calendula and yarrow. One student enjoyed eating a small raw bunching onion right out the ground saying it was sweet and spicy. We didn't harvest any sage but we do grow sage at Fremont High, in the garden students discussed the ways their family has used sage for warding off ghosts and evil spirits.
    13476495854_06311c0316_o Overall we gave away $125 worth of organic produce to students, faculty, campus security and neighbors; another success in creating greater access to fresh vegetables. Produce wasn't the only thing we gave away on that sunnyFriday afternoon, we also gave away refreshing smoothies and our secret smoothie recipe. Education team member and Fremont High alum Julio operated our blender distributing over forty fresh kale smoothies. Some of the students were hesitant to try the green concoction but the brave folks who tried it were surprised to find that the smoothies tasted sweet. Students are welcome to join us in the garden after school on Mondays where we continue to Grow Food and Grow Community!