Marin Academy Students Help Build a Low-Income Garden with Planting Justice

Students from the high school Marin Academy rocked a garden build last week in East Oakland.  The 15 freshman, on a week long mini-course studying local food production and food justice, showed up with their own shovels, ready to dig!  Some students worked on assembling redwood raised beds while others carried buckets of soil to the edge of the empty grassy lot.  In under four hours we planted, watered and celebrated the creation of a beautiful backyard garden for the several families that share the backyard space.  Towards the end of the day - we planted four dwarf fruit trees in-between the raised beds and waited for the rain!  Students learned about permaculture techniques and companion planting.  It was a really great to spend the day with such interested, curious and hard-working young adults! Thanks for the great photos Jack Lamarre