Occupy the Farm Film goes national tomorrow!

Last weekend in Berkeley, Regal Cinemas, the largest theater owner in the nation, took a chance on a independent documentary called "Occupy the Farm".  Our little film did so well that Regal Cinemas will now be screening it in 20 cities starting tomorrow! But since we have no budget for advertising and promotion, the only way people are going to find out about this film is if we help get the word out!

If you know people in any of these 20 cities please use the links below to invite them to see this movie, and if you have ideas for promotion or contacts in any of these cities, please email occupyfarm@gmail.com!

Berkeley  ||  Philadelphia  ||  New York  ||  Miami  ||  Chicago area  ||  Austin  ||  Philadelphia  ||  Denver area  ||  Houston  ||  Minneapolis  ||  Phoenix area  ||  Santa Cruz ||   Seattle  ||  Washington DC area  ||  Vancouver  ||  Las Vegas  ||  Los Angeles  ||  San Diego  ||  Portland  ||   Albuquerque  ||  PasadenaPlease also consider forwarding this email to your farm friendly friends so they can invite their contacts as well.

"Riveting" -Village Voice, Occupy the Farm Remembers One of the Movement's Successes

ALSO TOMORROW! We need your support tomorrow (11/14) at 12:30pm at California Hall on UC Berkeley Campus

Join Students for Engaged and Active Learning (SEAL) and Eric Holt-Gimenez of Food First for an important rally outside California Hall. We will be supporting a delegation from SEAL which will be meeting with the Chancellor to present an alternative to the development of the Gill Tract, learn what happens in the meeting, and plan our response.  Please RSVP and help publicize this event.