Permaculture for the People 2015 Support A Land-Based Revolution


Katina Castillo and Alejandra Cano from Planting Justice will be sharing their knowledge as facilitators/teachers for a section of this course!!"In nature's economy the currency is not money, it is life." - Vandana Shiva, Earth Democracy: Justice, Sustainability, and Peace

Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project

When was the first time you planted a seed or watered a flower? How about the first time you swam in a lake or a river? Do you remember how it felt? Was it relaxing, inspiring, and fun? Of course it was!

That's because connecting with the living world around us in a way that places us in right relationship with Nature is therapeutic and revolutionary. Sadly, for many Black and Brown people, living in right relationship with the Earth is challenging. Enslavement, theft of land, colonialism, and forced migration has removed us from the web of life and has chained us to the extractive capitalist economy. As a result, we're forced to work jobs that create absurd wealth for our oppressors instead of using our energy to create local, loving, life affirming economies that heal our people and our planet.

At MG, we know that if we're going to create a better world we must restore our labor back into the web of life. Permaculture for the People (P4P) will do that. Instead of working to generate wealth for a tiny few, our 28 course participants will generate a better quality of life for us all. During the course, they'll gain an understanding of how to design with the natural world, instead of imposing our designs upon the natural world, which has many harmful consequences. They'll also gain knowledge and experience with site design, natural building, rainwater harvesting, plant-based medicine, and other Permaculture skills and techniques.

Once the course is complete, the participants will work with Urban Tilth, PODER, Full Harvest Farm, and Acta Non-Verba to develop four land based sites that serve the people!

In order to successfully host this course we need to raise $35,000 by August 15th. So far we have raised 85% ($30,000) of that goal. We need your help to raise the remaining $5,000 to ensure the participants (who are mostly Black and Brown community organizers) have the best training possible so they can, in turn, train you and others in our community to spark a massive movement for change.

We haven't done this since 2010 because it's such a large endeavor! So, please dig deep and double your typical gift to MG. If you usually give $25, give $50. If you usually give $50 give $100. Every 10th donor will receive free admission to our P4P community report back celebration, which will include food, live entertainment, and presentations from the course participants on their experience.

Land, Love, and Liberation!

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