Planting Justice goes to Rooted in Community!



"Rooted In Community National Network (RIC) is a national grassroots network that empowers young people to take leadership in their own communities." (rooted in community webpage)

The picture above shows the youth from Rooted in Community protesting in front of Wendy's to demand that the fast-food giant Wendy's sign on to an agreement to support agricultural labor right! During the protest the manager met with three of the youth and a mentor to chat about the situation and come to an agreement.

Apart from the great food and great sites to visit down in Los Angeles, Planting Justice went down to L.A for the Rooted in Community conference that happens once a year and is meant to gather youth from all over the country to be able to meet one another and share the amazing work they are doing involving the youth food bill of rights! This year Haleh, Gavin, Julio, Marcelo, and Sal took part in teaching a Permaculture 101 workshop which involved twenty youth participants and one great group of teachers. We were able to show the principles of Permaculture and the three ethics that make up Permaculture Earth care, People care, and Fair share. Youth took this information to heart and asked many questions about how to grow food in their own backyard and how can it grow in the city. talking about gardening was great and all but, forming four groups of youth and letting them design their own backyard was even better seeing as the kids are able to bring all of these amazing ideas from a raised bed to a pond and irrigation system to spice up the garden!

Hearing stories from youth that come from Montana, New York, Minnesota, and even North Carolina is so inspiring because we are able to see the change in every city, state, and person that is dedicated to this type of work and are trying to help their people, their communities live a better life and also to be aware of all the positive and negative changes that surrounds them in an everyday basis. 20130724_161235

On our first day in L.A. we decided to go through an that sold a bunch of souvenirs, and awesome shirts. During our time there we visited an adobe house, and a museum. Also stopped at this amazing spot to eat lunch (see picture above) which was amazing and delicious!


Rooted in Community hosted a bunch of workshops throughout L.A and luckily the PJ crew was able to attend almost all of them! One of the places that we visited was Venice High School, and they had an awesome garden! On our time there we were given a tour of the land and a chance to work their and get our hands dirty while we dug swales and filled them with mulch, and did some planting and checked out their cool aquaponics system!



The picture above shows some of the aquaponics system that is currently up and running and as you can see has some plants living in the space.