Planting Justice Transformed My Yard!



Planting Justice did it again! August 23,2013 we were able to transform Latasha's backyard.  Latasha is a single mother who lives in East Oakland and has two kids. All of her money goes towards bills, gas, and food! Latasha reached out to us for help in making her dream come to life! When Or, Kevin, and my self showed up at her door she was just glowing with excitement and had many questions one of those questions was "You guys can really build this garden in two days?" One of the questions our Designers hear the most. During the consultation which Latasha did during her lunch break, we were able to come up with an idea! Not one, not two! but three raised beds big enough to cut her food budget in half during the next couple of months, as well as three fruit trees, and three blueberry shrubs!

Latasha was at work while the PJ crew was on site building her garden, but sent emails to the PJ staff letting us know that she was surprised, happy, and very thankful for the garden build.