Questioning Our Environment by Julio Madrigal


As we move forward onto our everyday lives, lets take a step back into our imagination. The reflection of creation. We think therefore, we make. Lets think bright and diverse like nature. Let people fall down to your world and along with it a treasure. On lives civilization. Manufactured by ideas and the increase consciousness of the first people. Developing ideas; babies, analyzing to criticizing the way their ancestors survived. So they did a great separation each one fleeing to the  seven corners of a world. And so the people of less dark complexion find a treasure which they knew nothing about. A treasure used only to reorganize the method of labor. Only a few were present to the opening of this new label. "Tread slowly" for this is just a fictional fable. As years followed only some started to smile. Others were caught by surprise. "Breath come back to life". Lets remember our years of nature science. The cycle of rain means that water climbs into the skies only to fall down once again. But this doesn’t means its always clean water. History might always repeat itself like a cycle, but the water isn't as clear as it once used to be.