Star Gazing

There's this Universal Energy which we often don’t notice in our everyday lives. It’s important to sometimes write about your interaction with Mother Earth and the feelings that are awakened in you by the land, the space you are in, or simply the memory of someone you care for a lot. What better way to explain this than by simply writing what is revolving around my human body?

The cold wind wraps me all around, surrounding me, making me feel shivers down my spine. Then I picture you in my head, take a long breath, a long shot into the past, and I remember the times I would contemplate your beauty for so long, like an astrologist looking at his telescope at the most magnificent star he/she discovered. To my fortune I discovered YOU! And so I start looking up at the stars trying to make designs, constellation, abstract shapes. The thought of  counting the stars crosses my head like the Bart train rushes in front of my face. But there are just too many. I can’t count them all just like the happy moments I have spent with you. I then look back at my life, look up at space and start to connect the stars once again. I can see the bigger picture now, a single star is beautiful but the gathering of thousands of stars makes the sky look gorgeous. It is then and now, I realize, I'd rather learn to shine with others, friends, allies, elders, peers, the world! Together we can construct constellations As the wind becomes my invisible cloak, my blood starts to heat up, I feel it running through my veins like a comet running across the galaxy. The memory of you provokes great heat inside my torso, my heart, and it then becomes the hottest and brightest star inside this world of mine, it becomes the sun with a never-ending smile and shine because you caused this shockwave that began to pull positivity, particles of hope and love.  And now I constantly look up at the stars and remember the moments I radiated love and appreciation onto others. I’m just one man trying to maintain your world in the orbit of my heart. So as my rocket thoughts try to reach the moon, my only desire is to keep my sun shining inside and give to the world all the love and smiles it shares with my life.