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Dear Friends, please read and consider the following appeal from the Spiral Gardens Community Food Security Project: Greetings Spiral Family!

As we move into Autumn and Winter, we at Spiral Gardens are already working to make next Spring better than ever. One of our perennial challenges at Spiral is that Fall and Winter are very lean times as plant sales practically cease, but we still have all of the bills to continue paying. We also need to come back in January with a fully stocked nursery for Spring planting.

So we are reaching out to you, our community, to please consider supporting Spiral Gardens by offering a donation of any size. All of the proceeds will directly benefit keeping the water on, insurance paid, and making sure our lead staff, Daniel and Kanchan, and Nile, continue to have a place to lay their heads so they can keep doing what they do!!

As many of you know, fundraising isn't our forté, as we mostly prefer to be a model of self-sufficiency.....So when we reach out for support, it means we really need it!!! Community support is way better than foundation support because it means that we all have a real and personal investment in our local community food security project, right?

This post has a link to the Spiral Paypal Page where you can donate securely. Our address is below for those who prefer to send a donation in the form of a check.

For donations of $100 and higher, there is a fruit tree with your name on it....Yay!

More Info Here:

Support here:

We are so very grateful for all of your support! Please visit us when you can and say hello :)

Peace, Gratitude, and Equinox Blessings from The Spiral Crew

Thank You

Our mailing address is:

Spiral Gardens 2850 Sacramento St Berkeley, CA 94702