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Urban Farmers Rally to Stop Destruction of Historic Farmland by Sprouts Supermarket

On March 14th, farmers and supporters of the Gill Tract Farm are gathering to demand that Sprouts "Farmers Market" stop their plans to pave over public historic farmland in Albany, CA to put up a big-box store. The farmers and supporters are demanding that all 20 acres of the historic Gill Tract be protected as an education and research center in urban agriculture and food justice, including a productive urban farm. Read more for details - join us in the fight to save the community.

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Creating Commons Festival 2015

Come celebrate PLACE’s 4 year anniversary, also coinciding with our neighborhood’s Golden Gate Second Saturdays. Come celebrate the Commons’ creation along with several other community organizations and neighbors to celebrate the re-imagination of the public commons! Join us for festival will feature local art, crop swapping, placemaking projects, and more.

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Workplace Justice Series on Racism and Police Violence

In response to the killing of black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Planting Justice identified “Racism and Police Violence” as a form of oppression we wanted to address in our quarterly, day-long Workplace Justice trainings. After several months of Black Lives Matter direct actions taking place in cities across the U.S., Planting Justice staff members came together on a rainy day in January to dialogue about lived experiences of structural, systemic, institutionalized, and interpersonal racism, especially the impacts of police terrorism and the history of, as Angela Davis describes, “the unbroken line of police violence in the US that takes us all the way back to the days of slavery.” Read more to hear what we learned and discussed.

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