Transform Your Yard Program Builds Another Beautiful, Edible Garden

PJ’s Transform Your Yard Team recently worked with a Bay Area resident and mother, Julie, to build a gorgeous, edible landscape in their backyard. The family now has fresh veggies to snag for an afternoon snack or a dinner feast!

“They are so happy with all their veggies, everything is looking awesome, and their 2.5 year old Morgan loves picking tomatoes and eating directly from the vine.”


If you also want to grow a significant portion of your family's produce at home, and add beauty and value to your home at the same time, contact our Transform Your Yard Program! Our team will help transform your yard into an abundant edible landscape and living classroom for you and your friends and family to learn permaculture techniques and bio-intensive organic gardening!

Our permaculture designers and edible landscapers have experience maximizing food production in urban spaces in the Bay Area. So far we have built over 250 edible urban gardens in the Bay Area. During a consultation, Planting Justice will help you assess what elements will be most functional for your space and needs.

Further, by hiring Planting Justice to create a permaculture garden for you and your family, you are supporting this organization and this movement for local organic food, and helping Planting Justice provide green jobs for local youth that train them for a future in permaculture design and urban farming.

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