West Oakland Garden Build!

Planting Justice brings food to the backyard of a small family in West Oakland, and transformed a small yard of nothing but dirt to a food producing raised bed veggie garden! As our crew showed up on site and checked the property to make sure we were able to establish a garden millions of ideas came to mind on what we could do in this super small yard. Weather it was an herb spiral, raised beds, trees, shrubs, pretty flowers our crew was ready for it! We built two raised beds that were three boards high and filled them with compost and vegetables starts such as lettuce, kale, chard, carrots, celery, cilantro, parsley and many more greens! Here in West Oakland most of the families and people who live here have very small access to grocery stores and or healthy farmers markets. Individuals from West Oakland tend to shop at liquor stores and small convenient stores for most of their produce or have to travel far to the other side of town in order to be able to get the most for their buck. Most of these families have little to no transportation and rely on public trans. We all know how difficult it is to carry 10 bags of produce and have to go not one, not, 2, but up to 5 miles away just to go shopping for groceries and most of the time they are not organic or grown locally these groceries are coming from far away!

The ability to be able to grow your own food is amazing because you cut most of your food budget on groceries and are able to use that money elsewhere. Planting Justice is able to build gardens for low income families at a subsidized cost or no cost at all if and when we are supported to be able to build these gardens. You'd be surprised how much $5 dollars goes when you are donating it to a good cause! Help support the work we do by becoming a monthly sustainer and or  doing a one time contribution to Planting Justice!

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