What is greatness?


Let us share a moment of unity. I will bring my thoughts and you can bring yours, let's have a potluck. Let us chant the great power of justice. Let us simply glance to the land of believers. Let us not ponder any more on what we could have had or will do.  Focus on all those thoughts we had stored inside. Let’s zone in and daydream. I am the essence of greatness and no one can tell me different. What is real greatness? Greatness is the set of eyes that stare at my dark brown eyes and tell me what it takes to believe. Greatness son mis ancestros, which allowed me to share the world, beauty and oxygen I breathe. I breathe, I breathe, I take it all in. We have to learn to release. Increase mentality just as well as our progression to our dream.

Greatness makes me fearless. As my brain is coated with ideas and aspiration one layer over the other due to the ongoing process, called life, I forget what was underneath it all. Why is it so dark? I know, I must take that leap. We will grow in a way we haven’t ever thought before. Use nutrients given by those of a different complexion, left behind by those who were placed under. Under the deep blue ocean I swim in the glory of accomplishment and stretch my roots to the depths of this world. I believe just like the great did, when we lived with nature.

The belief of a single person can be strong as the motivations we live by. Now, today as the skies change color I realize sometimes it is good to watch the great cinema of our lives and enjoy it because… I am the essence of greatness and no one can tell me different.