with Grace: in Honor of Grace Lee Boggs

with Grace (for Grace Lee Boggs, en su viaje a Mictlán, in her journey to the ancestors)

Grace Lee in New York City. (Photo by Michael Falco)
Grace Lee in New York City. (Photo by Michael Falco)

montamos una ofrenda,

prendiendo las velas,

pidiendo del fuegito

nuestro querido abuelito

por un poquito

de su calor


y luz

we flower,

we cry,

we sing,

we give thanks,

we reflect,

we organize,

with Grace

we live,

we love,

we die,

with Grace

we root,

we cross,

we pray,

we fly,

we create,

we return,

with Grace

we (r)evolt,

we (r)evolve,

we transform,

we destroy,

we Work,

we connect,

with Grace

we witness,

her move,

changing shape,

as she does,

dancing dialectically,

from elder,

to ancestor,

with Grace

now that her soul,

has grown,

as large as the universe,

we can look for her,

in the clouds,

in the struggle,

in our dreams,

in our tears,

in the crystals,

of our waters,

waters that can never

be shut off

if you have cared,

or worked,

or prayed,

or hoped,

or died,

or lived,

for (r)evolution,

you have done so,

with Grace