Planting Justice searching for a Deputy Director


Background Founded in Oakland, CA as a non-profit food justice organization in 2009 by Executive Director Gavin Raders and Educational Director Haleh Zandi, Planting Justice’s mission to empower urban residents with the skills, knowledge, and infrastructural support to address hunger in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties by growing organic food, expanding economic opportunities in local food and sustainability initiatives, and creating long-term, scalable, and sustainable solutions is now supported by 24 staff full-time staff members, hundreds of enthusiastic volunteers, and thousands of individual supporters. Planting Justice has built more than 330 edible gardens across the CA East Bay; designed a culturally relevant and empowering food justice/urban agriculture curriculum that serves more than 3,500 youth and adults per year; created living wage green jobs for 16 formerly incarcerated adults in farming, landscaping, and educational mentorship that position them as change makers in their communities; and orchestrated an educational outreach grassroots canvass program that has reached more than 65,000 people through in-person contacts throughout the East Bay. We are committed to transforming the fundamental structures our local food system, through our programs that provide a model for just, sustainable, and resilient food systems state- and nation-wide.


In collaboration with the Executive Director, Gavin Raders, the Deputy Director will have primary responsibility for internal operations; assisting in support and problem solving for each program (Canvass, Transform Your Yard, Education, Urban Farms and Training Centers, and Holistic Re-Entry), strategic program development, implementation, evaluation, and funding.

Work with lead staff and contractors to roll out new initiatives, such as an organizational database, a major donors campaign, and a volunteer program

Help make Gavin successful at launching 3 new projects in 2015-2016 (Cooperative Aquaponics Farm, Re-Entry Eco-village, and El Sobrante Farm).

Review, prioritize, and draft emails, manage phone calls and other external communication.

Work with the PJ Media Wizard and other PJ staff story-tellers to ensure social media, blog, email blasts, and annual reports are timely, lively, and inspiring.

Assist Gavin and other PJ grant writers in identifying, prioritizing, submitting, and reporting on grants and other fundraising opportunities

Communicate with PJ’s accountant to answer monthly financial questions, monitor bank accounts, assess financial trends, and build and revise budgets

Represent Planting Justice or coordinate ED and/or other PJ staff to represent the organization at community events and meetings with political/movement-based coalitions, funders, public officials, and allied organizations and community leaders

Help Program Directors encourage progress and personal development of all staff and provide support to any staff who need it, especially those facing significant personal challenges

Assist in managing Executive Director’s time, calendar, energy, and daily to-do list.

Help to cultivate a culture of holistic health and well-being amongst the collective PJ staff

Assist Executive Director and Program Directors in organizational operations, such as developing and refining policies and procedures, office systems, HR/recruiting, benefits management, staff leadership development, internal conflict management/restorative justice.


Bright, high-energy person with a passion to learn, organize, and contribute.

Deep commitment to social/racial/economic/environmental/food justice

Unafraid to make, report, learn from mistakes!

2+ years of applicable experience supporting senior management.

Delight in delighting others.

Excellent people skills: excelling at motivating and inspiring others, communicating the PJ mission to diverse audiences, working with people from many diverse backgrounds, and helping people overcome personal and professional obstacles

Passion for productivity and improving processes.

Flexibility and agility in response to changing priorities.

Capacity to be detailed-oriented while also prioritizing in the context of the bigger picture.

Excellent organizational skills, calendar management skills, written and verbal communication skills.

Facility with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs.

You can multi-task efficiently and work in a fluid and fast paced environment

You are passionate about healing and Healing Justice; on personal, social, cultural, and intergenerational levels

You are a skilled fundraiser and passionate about raising lots of $$$ towards the realization of Planting Justice’s significant mission

Activists, Organizers, Healers, People of Color, LGBTQIQ People, Formerly Incarcerated People, Native Oaklanders, all highly encouraged to apply!


Ongoing feedback from community and fellow staff

Annual 360 degree staff reflections


approximately $40,000/year, depending on experience, $45,000/year after 6 months

Benefits: 4 weeks Paid Time Off (includes vacation, wellness, and sick days, increasing to 5 weeks in Year 3 and 6 weeks in Year 5.

5 Paid Major Holidays

Unpaid Time Off/Extended Vacations beyond Paid Time Off: possible with prior coordination, scheduling and approval ahead of time for vacations

Unpaid sick leave: as needed

Health Care and Dental coverage in FY 2016, if not sooner

Work Schedules

The regular work schedule for a full-time Deputy Director consists of roughly 36 hours each week.


To Apply - Please Send a cover letter and resume to  Thank You!