Farm Work Log & Wish List


Early farm Development Timeline

2013-Early 2015

  • Farm Planning 


  • May - Begin Regular Farm Work
  • Spring - Installed wire fence to protect future trees from deer. Weeding.
  • Summer/Fall - Installation of Underground irrigation distribution in place. Weeding.
  • September - Swales rough dug by small machine, then shaped by hand
  • Winter - Installed above ground irrigation distribution lines. Planted roughly 600 fruit trees:  Apricots, Cherries, Apples, Pears, Mulberries.


  • Spring - Planted another 400 fruit trees: figs, plums, paw paws, filberts. and 200 fruiting shrubs: pomegranates, currants, gooseberries, elderberries, pineapple guava. Weeding.


  • More fruit!: Pomegranates, Pineapple guava, quince.
  • Water system upgrades.
  • MESA operated seed-saving plot for annual vegetables begins.
  • 15,000 fruit wood cuttings carefully labelled and sent to nursery for propogation


  • Many more fruiting trees and shrubs planted: Jujubes, Citrus, Sea Berries, Blueberries, Honey Berries. Several swales expanded by tractor.
  • Spring - First plums, peaches, figs, mulberries, an apples are actually fruiting!  Just a handful, but delicious!



  • Portable Generator 


  • Organic material for compost:
    • Spent beer grains
    • organic food scraps
    • other uniform organic wastes.
  • Wood chips, wood chips, wood chips!  for mulching our trees
  • Seeds: Comfrey, yarrow, ceanothus, calendula, and other nitrogen fixing or bee friendly ground covers


  • Help with the design and installation of a solar array
  • Help with the design and installation of gravity based fertigation system
  • Groundwater Testing + Well Digging
  • Topographical Surveying 
  • Experienced Orchard Advice
  • Integrative Pest Management Training

If you have any of the above items or skills, or anything else you think might be useful to us as we build the farm please send an email to our orchard manager Andrew  -!