Come on a Planting Justice Bus Tour to the Future PJ Farm Site in El Sobrante!!  Dec 06, 2014 1:30 PM - Help us Cast Clay Perennial Seed Balls on the Land

Come on a Planting Justice Bus Tour to the Future PJ Farm Site in El Sobrante!!  Dec 06, 2014 1:30 PM - Help us Cast Clay Perennial Seed Balls on the Land

Creating The Planting Justice Farm


This winter help Planting Justice build a five acre educational farm!  The future Planting Justice farm is located in El Sobrante 15 minutes from Downtown Oakland. Planting Justice has leased the 5 acres from Wild & Radish LLC and plans to create an educational working farm to demonstrate larger permaculture concepts and land management techniques.  As an organization, we have been looking forward to having a natural space of our own; a place where we host classes, events and teach people the importance of food production.  This opportunity will allow Planting Justice to provide many different new employment opportunities for men and women transitioning home from prison.  We hope to create a sliding scale CSA as well as sell value added products in local bay area markets.  After five and half years of operation and 300 built bay area edible landscapes, Planting Justice will finally have our own garden to demonstrate our vision and experiment with larger peri-urban permaculture techniques.  Please consider helping us create the space!


El Sobrante, CAlifornia : 15 Minutes from DownTown Oakland

The future Planting Justice farm is located on a sunny 5 acre hillside in El Sobrante, California just 15 minutes from downtown Oakland.  Our farm will produce organic fresh food to be shared and sold off-site through retail outlets, farmers’ market stands, restaurants, and though a neighborhood CSA box delivered directly to the adjacent community residents at various drop-off points (potentially churches and schools in the area).  The majority of farm activities will take place on the “South Facing Slope” parcel (currently parcel # ).  Phase one (2014-2015) includes the following: 1) setting up irrigation and rainwater harvesting infrastructure; 2) installing a greenhouse for seed-saving and the propagation of important edible plants that excel in our climate and are resilient to climate change; 3) installing a yurt and open-air covered work-space for shade and comfort; and 4) installing the beginnings of a sustainable, edible landscape with fruit trees, berries, flowers, and native plants that will create habitat for important pollinator species, provide healthy food for the community, and create space to learn and celebrate solutions for a more sustainable planet. 

We are fundraising to build

GreenHouse Construction

We will be setting up our greenhouse and beginning our native and edible plant nursery. Planting Justice hasn't had the space or capacity to grow the majority of the seedlings we use in our Transform Your Yard program.  We hope to provide an assortment of edible plants, perennials and native's for food growing enthusiasts.  The greenhouse will be a revenue generating operation creating green jobs for people with barriers to employment.  


The future Planting Justice farm is located on a beautiful south facing slope.  We plan to spend the winter building over a mile of swales to capture and store rainwater. Swales are trenches built on contour with perennials often planted on the downward burm.  Water that rushes down the hill will collect in the swale and seep deep into the hills water table.

Fruit Trees

This Winter the Transform Your Yard Team with the help of Planting Justice volunteers will plant 500 fruit and nut trees.  We garnered a lot of experience planting a 3 acre food forest at dig deep last Spring and are excited to build our own orchard in El Sobrante. Trees include: Avocados, Olives, Figs, Mulberries, Persimmons, Pineapple Guavas, Pomegranates and Almonds.



We will be installing a wide array of irrigation systems from rain water catchment to drip irrigation line.  

Volunteer on the 5 acre farm