Maya studied at Mills College in Oakland California majoring in Ethnic Studies and Political Legal Economic Analysis with an emphasis in Legal Studies; her senior thesis was a focus group with Low Income African American Mothers in West Oakland focusing on Food Access. Maya grew up in Santa Cruz where she had a liberating and radicalizing experience learning about the food system in 2007 at Food What!? a Youth Empowerment Farming Program. It then became clear to Salsedo that her family had a poor diet not for lack of knowledge or trying but because of a rigged food system that makes healthy food a luxury, since awakening Salsedo has lead a life dedicated to healing the food system and communities most hurt by it. Maya fulfills her personal and political passions while growing food, jobs and community as the newest Planting Justice Educator. Salsedo has offered speaches at the Community Food Security Conference, UCSC Strengthening the Roots, Santa Cruz Violence Prevention Planning Session, Bioneers, UCSC Earth Summit, Environmental Youth Forum, Why Hunger Harry Chapin Awards. Salsedo is a 2012 Brower Youth Award Winner; 2013 Bioneers Youth Plenary Speaker; and a panelist at Bioneers, Kellog Food and Society; & Growing Food and Justice Coalition. Offered workshops at Ecofarm, Kellog Food and Community Conference. Learn more about Maya's work at local school gardens on our blog and connect to bring Planting Justice's Education Team to your community classroom!