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Have you been struggling with health ailments such as digestive issues, insomnia, anxiety, stress, trouble focusing, grief and heartbreak, eczema, joint pain, frequent UTIs, a weak immune system, anger, or more?  With support, you can learn to manage and overcome these challenges by growing and making your own medicine!  Heal yourself, your family, your loved ones and your community by working directly with a local herbalist and the Planting Justice landscaping team to identify medicinal plants you can grow, process and preserve to achieve your specific health and wellness goals and to step more fully into your power to build the more beautiful world we need.  

The Medicine Garden Consultation will begin with a one-time 60-minute consultation with local herbalist Elokin Orton-Cheung of Shooting Star Botanicals.  With Elokin you will identify your health and wellness goals and priorities, and identify a number of medicinal plants you can grow to address these health goals. 

Following this consultation will be a permaculture consultation with a Planting Justice permaculture designer on your landscape.  Our designer will work to identify the best ways to grow these medicinal plants on site, and take into consideration other needs for your medicine garden including irrigation and water-saving practices, weed and pest control, and growing pollinator and companion plants to create a robust, thriving garden.

Once plans have been identified, you can continue to work with the Planting Justice Transform Your Yard team to install and maintain your garden, and work with a Planting Justice Garden Coach to learn the basic skills of caring for and processing your medicines on your own.

Let the healing begin!

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