The Planting Justice Nursery & Aquaponics farm incubation center: 

An urban food production hub that creates access to living-wage careers and nutritious, affordable food in deep East Oakland.

319 105th Ave, Oakland, CA           510 224 6806


Our Story:

With the help of over 900  investors, we purchased 2 acres of deserted land in Sobrante Park, a neighborhood in deep east Oakland that is known for having the highest unemployment and crime rates in Oakland, and very limited access to grocery stores or any other way of getting fresh, organic, nutritious food. We have chosen this neighborhood as the site where we will build our aquaponics farm and training center, house the newly acquired Rolling River Nursery (, and create an urban food production hub staffed almost entirely by formerly incarcerated staff/community leaders. 

This food production hub will be environmentally and economically self-sustaining once completed, and will deeply benefit residents of a neighborhood that has become a national symbol of urban disenfranchisement. We believe this pilot project, and the Planting Justice organization, is a model that can be replicated around the country to dramatically reduce recidivism, unemployment, hunger, and violence in disenfranchised urban communities.

This 2 acre plot of land represents an ambitious project with multiple components: 

1,100 Varieties of Organic Tree-Crops

Last year, we purchased Rolling River Nursery, one of the most successful permaculture plant nurseries in the world, with national reach/clientele, and the largest and most biodiverse collection of certified organic edible tree crops in North America...1100 varieties! We will move this enormous nursery collection from Humboldt County to the site at East 105th in Oakland, bringing unprecedented access to rare tree-crops and fresh produce to the Sobrante Park community. Sobrante Park residents on government assistance will receive free/sliding scale fruit trees! Check out this video announcing the nursery acquisition.

Recirculating Aquaponics Farm

We’ll use the most water and cost efficient technology to build a recirculating aquaponics farm capable of producing over 100,000 pounds of organic produce each year, and all of its own energy. By recirculating the water we use, we’ll be able to grow food while using 90% less water than traditional in-ground farms. What's more, this project's success will turn paved and polluted empty lots locally and nationally into potential sites for urban agriculture that grow healthy food, dignified jobs, and lasting community.

Sliding Scale Produce Shop

There are no grocery stores in Sobrante Park - making fresh produce inaccessible for too many families in deep east Oakland. We'll convert a salvaged shipping container into a sliding scale organic produce shop on-site at E. 105th, providing access to fresh, nutritious fruits, vegetables, nuts, and cottage industry products like pesto, plant medicine, and honey. Our shop will accept EBT & SNAP, and operate on a sliding scale basis for Sobrante Park residents to ensure maximum local accessibility. 

Permaculture Training Center

Permaculture practices and principles should be accessible to everyone, not withheld and shared only for those who can pay for expensive permaculture certification courses. We are committed to utilizing this space to do mass permaculture education amongst residents of deep East Oakland. This site will provide paid training opportunities for formerly incarcerated people and free youth-oriented community workshops led by formerly incarcerated educators -- in plant propagation, aquaponics, culinary arts, nutrition, herbal medicine, social justice curricula, and more!  

Worker-Owned Cooperative Incubator

Our 3 year goal for this project is to develop a replicable model for community-owned, sustainable local food systems that can be utilized by disenfranchised communities across the country. We'll prove the model, provide intensive training to new worker-owners, share our technology, help new farmers access land and start-up capital, connect new farms to our network of produce buyers, market our produce cooperatively, and provide administrative/financial support as new projects get off the ground, to support formerly incarcerated people, and those most impacted by food/health inequity, in seeding similar projects on other vacant lots throughout Oakland, the state of California, and beyond.


The Planting Justice nursery is officially open!

You can order plants , or make an appointment by emailing to come visit our nursery to pick out plants yourself to take home with you!