Become a rooter - Dedicate and Plant a tree in the Bay Area's Largest Food Forest!

Click here to become a Rooter!

You are invited to become a "Rooter" by pledging $30/month for the next three years to support the planting of special sections of the first 500 trees in memoriam, in honor of those returning from incarceration, or in recognition of the bright future we are creating for today's children, who will live in the world we leave for them.  

For example, one section of the forest will be dedicated to honoring the approximately 40 people in re-entry who have been hired by PJ and/or have gone through Pathways to Resilience program.  Another grove will be in memoriam for loved ones who have passed on.  Another grove will be for today's and tomorrow's children.  

Please join me in pledging $1/day as a Rooter, to get the Food Forest started.  

Each Rooter can dedicate their tree in honor of or in memory of a special person, and will be invited to participate in the planting of their tree in early 2015.  Dedications will be acknowledged with an artistic card and certificate, as well as a commemorative plaque near the tree.  

 Please extend this invitation to family, friends, and associates to become founding sponsors of PJ's Food Forest by becoming Rooters, too.