Transform Your Yard Portfolio

Full Paying Client Portfolio:

We offer a wide range of professional landscaping services and have built over 200 edible gardens in the Bay Area.  Below are some of our favorite projects in the last five years.  We are proud of our work to re-envision and transform yards into edible landscapes.


Lora Jo's in Oakland

Laurie's In El Cerrito

Dig Deep Farm and Produce 

Planting Justice worked for over two months to plant 500 fruit trees on a San Leandro hillside for Dig Deep Farm and Produce.  The Food Forest is drip irrigated and includes dozens of fruit species: avocado, lemon, persimmon, plum, nectarine, peach, apple and pear.  In addition, the Planting Justice Transform Your Yard team erected a metal deer fence around the entire 3 acre property.  This has been our biggest transformation to date and we are so excited to visit the hillside in a few years when all the fruit tress are producing!


Hali and Margy's in Berkeley



Rebecca's in Walnut Creek