HirinG Announcement

Position title: Transform Your Yard (TYY) Ecological Landscaper
Managers: Julio Madrigal, Salvador Mateo, Nicole Wires, and Gavin Raders

Roles and responsibilities:
The main responsibility of the position is to install permaculture gardens for private residents
throughout the Bay Area with the Transform your Yard landscaping team. This position
provides Edible Landscapers with the opportunity to give back to their community, develop
their resume, gain economic and personal stability, gain expertise in food and medicine
production, and receive the support and empowerment they need to become leaders in the
food justice/urban agriculture movement.

Desired Skillsets:
• Garden design
• Client relations/management
• Proper use of power tools
• Planting edible and California native annuals and perennials
• Permaculture techniques such as sheet mulching and herb spirals
• Construction skills such as building raised beds, trellises, and chicken coops
• Irrigation installation and maintenance
• Designing and installing greywater systems and rainwater tanks
• Composting systems
• Nonviolent communication and/or other conflict resolution practices
• And more

Candidates are not expected to have all of these skillsets, and paid training is available to
help new hires obtain the above skillsets.

The work schedule for an Ecological Landscaper is set on the Friday of each proceeding week.
Edible Landscapers will be expected to:
• Work an average of 36-40 hours/week, includes onsite training & professional development
hours. If landscaper does not have work at a paid client’s, landscaper will work with Project
Manager to determine helpful task list to complete at Planting Justice Nursery and/or Farm
• Show up to work on time and well rested, fed, sober, and ready for demanding physical labor.
• If unable to make it to work due to illness or emergency, contact your managers at
least 12 hours before the work is to begin.
• Work cooperatively as a member of a team
• Follow instructions of the project manager, designer, and any other designated project leaders
• Ask questions and for help when unsure how to handle a task
• Learn new skills and share existing skills with others
• Be a role model with other participants through good example, good work ethic, and good

• Work with crew of edible landscapers, ensuring to the best of your ability that the
installation is on schedule and conforms to the design and scope of work
• Maintain a positive relationship with the client as the main onsite contact during installation,
and promptly report to Project Manager concerns, changes to the scope of work, and any/all
problems that may arise during installation

• Edible Landscapers are compensated with an hourly rate of $17.50
• Benefits: 4 weeks Paid Time Off (includes vacation, wellness, and sick days) begins
90 days after date of hire, increasing to 5 weeks in Year 3 and 6 weeks in Year 5.
• 5 more paid annual holidays
• Unpaid time off with prior coordination and further unpaid sick leave as needed
• Health Care coverage including dental, vision, life insurance and chiropractic
coverage begins 90 days after date of hire.

Planting Justice is an equal opportunity employer, and employment with Planting Justice is at
will. Please send your resume and cover letter to tyy@plantingjustice.org