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Our vision for the Planting Justice Nursery & Aquaponics Farm Incubation Center

We are thrilled to share some very exciting news with you today: Planting Justice has purchased Rolling River Nursery - and with it, the largest and most biodiverse collection of certified organic tree crops in North America!
Years in the making, our 5 acre farm project is finally off the ground! This farm will help us expand our mission of transforming the food system and providing green, living wage jobs for formerly incarcerated people. Someday soon, there will be hundreds of drought-resistant fruit and nut trees here, providing low-cost produce to food desert communities and families with incarcerated loved ones.

Update on the Planting Justice Nursery & Aquaponics Farm Incubation Center in Sobrante Park - May 13th, 2016. 

Planting Justice just hired 5 formerly incarcerated neighbors to build our Nursery & Aquaponics Farm Incubation Center in Sobrante Park. 

Planting Justice served kale smoothies to BART commuters outside of Fruitvale BART in honor of MLK Day. 

Flashmob to promote our mug-cycling initiative! 

Stories about our people 

This is the FIRST Planting Justice video ever conceived and directed by one of our formerly incarcerated staff. Media Apprentice Maurice "Big Moe" Bell spends one day every week getting trained up on media skills. This is Moe's first original video, so share far and wide!
We are proud to bring you this endorsement from Cynthia Arrington, a lifelong Sobrante Park resident and the head of the Sobrante Park Resident Action Council. "This is what we're looking for. Our motto in Sobrante Park is to build a safer, healthier community, and this right here would be a tremendous asset to that.
Do you live in the United States? Did you eat food today? Then you probably consumed something that was grown, processed, or prepared by undocumented immigrants. This week, the Obama administration confirmed that Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) has begun raiding residential neighborhoods nationwide to find and arrest Central American immigrants without papers - spreading fear in Latino communities, splitting up immigrant families, and putting children with undocumented parents at risk.

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Corinna from Rolling River Nursery demonstrates how to "pot on" nursery plants successfully.