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Eco-queer movement(s)

Eco-queer movement(s): Challenging heteronormative space through (re)imagining nature and food Joshua Sbicca European Journal of Ecopsychology 3: 33–52 (2012) Abstract In an era of ecological...

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Rolling River Nursery Ripe with Teamwork

Sky Buenavista, PJ’s latest hire from the Insight Garden Program at San Quentin State Prison discusses how Planting Justice, through three recent gatherings, has accomplished an incr(edible) solution to part of the monocrop disease which looms before America’s posterity like type-two diabetes and asthma. Buenavista calls this PJ’s “shrill cry for food justice.” The story he shares focuses on the incredible people at Planting Justice, who transplanted Rolling River Nursery from Humbolt to Oakland.

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A Year in My Garden: Selecting Seeds

Welcome to the newest series on the Planting Justice blog: A Gardener’s Revolution! This year, Nicole Wires, PJ Permaculture Designer, will be following her Planting Justice-installed garden throughout the entire, bounteous California year — fall to winter to spring to summer, and back to fall. 

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