Garden Coaching

The newest permaculture landscaping service offered by Planting Justice!

With a garden coach you have the chance to work side-by-side with a trained and experienced permaculture gardener in your garden. Alongside your coach, you can build and maintain the garden of your dreams!

Learn best practices in:

• Succession and companion planting
• Growing your own seedlings from seed
• Home compost and soil nutrient management
• Growing, harvesting and preparing medicines from your garden
• Preserving your harvests through drying, pickling, canning and jamming
• Keeping your own chickens and bees
• Pest identification and management
• Weed identification and management
• Pruning, grafting, and caring for your fruit trees
• Creating habitat for beneficial insects and pollinators
• So much more!

With garden coaching, your garden is our guide. We work with whatever is happening in your garden at the moment, slowly and sustainably building the skills to take care of yourself, your community, and the land with kindness, accountability, and positive intention.

How does it work?

The first step is a garden coaching consultation.

At this consultation, a garden coach will meet you in your garden to assess your garden, identify what skills you want to build, and develop a regular schedule to work together to build these skills and grow your garden. The exact frequency and duration of garden coaching sessions will vary depending on your specific goals, although many clients find 1.5 hours twice per month to be a great place to start.


What does it cost?

At Planting Justice, we believe that cost should not be a barrier to anyone building the skills for self and community care and healing.

For this reason, we offer our garden coaching service on a generosity basis. We ask you to deeply consider what resources they have when determining an appropriate fee for garden coaching. We ask also that you understand that your payment for this service — along with all payments to Planting Justice — is reinvested directly into our mission of creating meaningful, life-sustaining jobs for our family coming home from San Quentin prison while building a world in which we relate with care and integrity to the land we tend, the food we eat, and the community we keep.

Our average scale for garden coaching is $40-$90 an hour, however we are open to negotiating if this range feels inaccessible, and we welcome greater payment if this range is comfortable.

About Your Yard

Share a bit with us about how you use your yard now
What do you hope to achieve with your garden coach?