Grassroots Fundraiser

Planting Justice
Position Title:
Grassroots Fundraiser
Hiring Committee: Alisia Brown, Daniel Alper, Patrick Dunigan, Haleh Zandi and Gavin Raders

Hiring Process: Please submit a resume and cover letter to with “Grassroots Fundraiser” in the subject line. Interviews will begin in October 2019 and the position is open until filled.

Roles & Responsibilities

Grassroots Fundraiser:

  • Engage the general public about the work of Planting Justice in neighborhoods throughout the Bay Area, including: 

    • Inform people about our mission 

    • Inspire people to contribute donations 

    • Encourage people to volunteer at our Nursery or Farm sites

    • Connect potential community partners with our Education program

    • Advertise our landscaping services 

  • Remain in weekly communication with co-workers regarding schedule and sites

  • Submit contributions to our monthly newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, blog, and website

  • Attend weekly program meetings, monthly staff meetings, annual strategic planning retreat, and other required staff trainings

Required Qualifications for Grassroots Fundraiser: 

  • Little to no experience in the field is acceptable. Planting Justice will train and prepare anyone who is inexperienced for this position. Must be willing to learn new things and step outside one’s comfort zone. 

  • A clear commitment to a healing-centered, decolonial and feminist approach 

  • Maintain positive working relationships with a complex and diverse set of community partners, program participants, and staff members 

  • Ability to remain open-minded, patient, empathetic and growth-oriented through challenging work experiences  

  • Full-time availability 

Compensation and Benefits: 

  • Salaries at PJ are set through our transparent pay chart. Minimum salary rate for the Grassroots Fundraiser position begins at $37,000, with a 3% increase in annual pay. Other increases in salary rate may apply and is negotiable with the hiring committee 

  • Benefits include 4 weeks paid time off plus 5 more paid annual holidays

  • Annual professional development stipend of $500, plus other paid training opportunities

  • Kaiser health care package plus dental, vision, life insurance and chiropractic coverage beginning 60-90 days after the first date of hire

Nature of Employment

Planting Justice is an equal opportunity employer and employment is at-will.