Maintenance and Garden Coaching

We offer seasonal maintenance or garden coaching to deepen your relationship with your landscape, plants, and broader ecosystem.

From novice gardeners to experienced green thumbs, our team brings versatile knowledge and experience in permaculture practices, including:


  • Soil fertility management
  • Pruning and grafting
  • Integrated pest management
  • Post harvest processing and preservation of food and medicine
  • Irrigation repair
  • Seasonal care

Garden Coaching

As your garden grows, we hope you grow along with it! If you need help learning how to best care for your budding landscape, work with one of our garden coaches on site to build skills while getting work done in your garden. Fill out our garden coaching form below.


Garden Maintenance

In addition to garden coaching, you can opt into a mailing list for seasonal maintenance offerings to get some extra support at the key times in your garden: spring and fall replanting of your annual vegetable beds, winter and summer pruning of your perennials, and seasonal mulching and composting for soil fertility maintenance.

Garden Coaching Form

About Your Yard

Share a bit with us about how you use your yard now
What do you hope to achieve with your garden coach?