Nursery Office Co-Manager

Nursery Office Co-Manager – Job Description

Full-time position after 1-month of part-time training

Planting Justice is a grassroots organization with a mission to empower people impacted by mass incarceration and other social inequalities with the skills and resources to cultivate food sovereignty, economic justice, and community healing.


  • – Solid administration & organizational skills: 
  • – Ability to prioritize
  • – Can see the big picture and attend to the details.
  • Excellent communication skills and enjoys problem solving
  • Experience in commercial perennial plant propagation (trees, shrubs, native plants)
  • Versatile and flexible personality:  equally comfortable & able to work inside at the desk and outside in the nursery, greenhouses, and fields
  • High energy & positive outlook
  • Farming background, or at least a background in some kind of production work in a fast paced nursery environment, especially orchards and perennial plants.
  • Basic knowledge of perennial plants & their needs
  • Solid experience with plant propagation and grafting in an organic nursery environment
  • Nurturing and sensitive to plants
  • Fluency in Spanish is a plus
  • Has experience and can communicate to clients about a wide diversity of edible and medicinal plants including about their cultivation 
  • We highly encourage Sobrante Park & East Oakland residents to apply


Roles & Responsibilities include: 

Manage of all aspects of a large, wholesale, commercial, organic nursery

  • Administrative: 
    • – Printing orders as they come in & checking on shipping viability such as weather conditions, plant availability and substitutions
    • – Working with the shipping team  on shipping procedures, attention to detail in making sure the right plants get to the right people
    • Entering UPS information & printing labels
    • Issuing refunds
    • Correspondence & Customer service, including phone, email, Planting Justice website and facebook
    • Taking phone orders & answering customer questions
    • Respond to emails in clear & timely fashion
    • Good customer service and communication skills: Personable, sincerely Enjoys talking and  connecting with customers over plants, answering questions, smoothing over upsets.  Able to understand and agree with a “Customer is always right” kind of philosophy as a happy customer is one who will return and hopefully tell friends about the nursery.
    • Intermediate level of plant knowledge and willingness to learn
  • Basic Website Management
    • Write content for Mass Emails, send to Haleh
    • Write content for 2x/weekly facebook posts (on Rolling River Nursery facebook page)
    • Work with Inventory Manager to Manage and update inventory online (Each Season, 4x/year)
    • Work with Search Engine Optimization contractor to manage Google Ads (1x/month)
  • Ordering Nursery Materials
    • In collaboration with Shipping team and Inventory Manager, create public planned schedule of estimated dates for making all orders for the year, including orders for seeds, bare root trees, other plants, pots, shipping supplies, etc; utilizing the Nursery Handbook and receipts from prior years’ orders
    • Help with purchases of seeds, bare root trees, other plants, pots, and shipping supplies on schedule


  • $39,500/year with benefits including health care coverage, dental, vision, life insurance, chiropractic care, 4 weeks Paid Time Off (vacation, wellness, and sick days) and 5 paid annual holidays (benefits begin 90 days after date of hire.). $17.50/hour during 1 month training period. Negotiable depending on experience.

Nature of Employment

Planting Justice is an equal opportunity employer and employment is at-will. 

Hiring Process: 

The Nursery Office Co-Manager position will be decided by the Nursery team. Please send your resume and cover letter to