Written by Planting Justice

On November 15, 2019

Here’s how to transform a lawn into a garden, in two days!  The method we use is called “sheet mulching”, or “lasagna gardening”.  This is the BEFORE picture.


Let the transformation begin!

Step 1: Lay down PLAIN BROWN cardboard, overlap it (two layers is best), and water it in.

Step 2: Lay out some of the path materials, so you can see where the garden beds will be…

Step 3: lay down 6-12 inches of compost (you can put many different organic materials down to make it 6-12 inches, including horse manure, grass clippings, compost, topsoil, etc).

Notice the “keyhole” garden beds, which use the small space efficiently to maximize growing space while making sure that all parts of the garden can be reached from the paths.

Step 4: Lay down the mulch to keep the moisture in and the weeds down, and water it in.


Step 5: Plant it up!!

Water as you go!

We’ll add some trellises.  Growing food vertically in small spaces helps us maximize food production.

That’s it!  From a lawn into a productive veggie/fruit/herb garden, in just two days!


doves web slide show 14 (1).JPG

THANKS for looking!  Let’s do it all over again!

large_doves garden 1 month later (1).JPG

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