Plant a tree in Southern Madagascar

Planting Justice has partnered with Association Tinone in Ambondro, Southern Madagascar to plant fruit, fuel, hardwoods, and native forest trees in the dry Spiny Forrest.  For each participating tree/plant you purchase from Planting Justice, one tree will be planted by the Antandroy Association Tinone in partnership with  local women’s groups, schools, farmers associations, youth groups, and conservation groups.  Association Tinone has been replanting the spiny forest with community groups since 2004 to to battle desertification and famine.  For more info on the project you can contact or

Qualifying Trees/Shrubs/Perennials Include:

  • Moringa/Dwarf Moringa
  • Mountain Papaya
  • Oakleaf Papaya
  • Babaco Papaya
  • All Eucalyptus
  • Lemon Grass
  • Lemon/Strawberry Guava
  • All Cactus/Dragon Fruit  Varieties
  • All Passion Fruit Varieties
  • All Banana Varieties
  • New Zealand Spinach
  • Ginger/Turmeric
  • All Tamarillo Varieties
  • All Rocoto Perennial Pepper Varieties
  • All SugarCane Varieties
  • All Perennial Bunching Onion Varieties
  • All Perennial Tree Collard Varieties