Many different plants can be harvested and fermented to extract a variety of beneficial properties which can be delivered directly to your garden easily and for free. These can be all mixed together with the lacto bacilli in one 55 gallon barrel to be used as a bio-dynamic foliar spray.

Here are some suggestion of plant extracts to try:

  • NETTLE: The only plant I know of that can be fermented without adding any sugar, a nettle extract is a very important part of any tea. All you do is harvest the nettle, chop it up fine, and submerge in water. Cover it and leave for 10 days. It is an amazing stimulant for all plants, and chock full of nutrients. Use as part of a foliar spray or as part of a root soak solutionFor all the rest: harvest, chop finely, add 1/3 molasses to volume, add water, and let ferment for 7-10 days
  • COMFREY: ferment for high nutrient load
  • KELP: ferment for beneficial hormones and nutrients, use as part of foliar spray.
  • GARLIC and GINGER: use as foliar spray to prevent bugs, or take internally yourself for many health benefits. Fungicidal properties of garlic fight disease and repel bugs.
  • EUCALYPTUS: use as foliar spray for bug and microbial prevention
  • BAMBOO: harvest young shoots, ferment to extract growth hormone, and use as part of foliar spray
  • FAVA BEAN: harvest tops of plant, ferment to extract growth hormone, use as part of foliar spray

Other extracts to try: horsetail, calendula, fruits such as papaya for valuable nutrients.