Polaris Blueberry


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Early, mid-season hybrid berry with excellent intense fruit flavor from the University of Minnesota. Learn more below

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Polaris Blueberry

Botanical Name

Vaccinium corymbosum

Site and Soil

Full sun/part shade, needs well drained moist acidic soil.

Learn More

Polaris Blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum) is an early, mid-season berry with excellent intense fruit flavor. High-bush/Low-bush type cultivar. Mature height is 3 feet tall and slightly spreading. For best pollination and fruit set, plant Polaris alongside other cold hardy varieties. Northern highbush and Half-High blueberries require 800 to 1000 chill hours to set fruit. Hardiness Zones 7a-3a. Mature height is 3 feet tall and slightly spreading. Yields have been consistent averaging 3.5 pound per plant over a 7 year period. Fruit size is medium, approximately 70 berries per cup. The light powder blue fruit is attractive and has good eye appeal.





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