Shade Tolerant Fruit Special (Organic)


Shade Tolerant Fruit Special
(2) Pawpaw seedlings
(2) Redstone Cornelian Cherries
(2) Crandall black Currants

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Shade Tolerant Fruit Special (Organic)

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(2) Pawpaw seedlings
High quality seedlings from our own farm-collected seed of our popular named varieties. Trees will take a little longer to come into production than our grafted trees, but they should all produce good tasty fruit and make hardy and healthy specimens. Excellent as a pollinator for any of our named grafted trees, or plant at least 2 for pollination if growing alone. Keep your eye open for superior fruiting trees, you too can be at the forefront of modern paw paw selection! Hardiness zones 5-9.
(2) Redstone Cornelian Cherries
This European Cornus mas variety was selected for its heavy crops of cherry red fruits that very popular for making syrups and preserves. It is also a highly favored food for wildlife. Excellent four seasons ornamental tree or multi-stemmed shrub is covered in early spring with masses of pretty yellow flowers, followed by showy fruit and great fall color in the fall. It’s mottled bark and attractive branch pattern also makes for winter beauty. Zones 4-8.(2)
(2)Crandall black Currants: Also known as the buffalo, or clove(from delightful fragrance of flowers) currant. This beautiful Native American bush sports bright yellow flowers in spring followed by very large sweet and aromatic fruits that are good for fresh eating and preserves. Easy to grow and disease resistant these ornamental bushes have good fall color and are self-fertile. One of the best tasting black currants.  Very hardy and drought tolerant, zones 3-8.




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