Fuyu Imoto Oriental Persimmon


  • Conventionally Grown
  • Bare-root

Also called Imoto Fuyu. Medium-large fruit has deep orange skin and light orange non-astringent flesh. Learn more below

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Fuyu Imoto Oriental Persimmon

Common Name

Fuyu Imoto


Imoto Fuyu

Botanical Name

Diospyros kaki

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Fuyu Imoto Oriental Persimmon aka Imoto Fuyu (Diospyros kaki) is a medium-large fruit that has deep orange skin and light orange non-astringent flesh, that is sweet, mild and good flavored. Excellent for long term storage. Vigorous, spreading and highly productive tree.  The most popular non-astringent variety in Japan. Requires less than 200 hours chilling at 45F. Hardiness zones 7-10.

2020 – Sold as conventional bare root with 5/16″ caliper on D.Lotus

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