Canyon Live Oak


  • Certified Organic
  • 3 in. x 6 in. Pot

Also called Canyon, Golden Cup, Maul. Magnificent evergreen oak native from Oregon to California. Learn more below

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Canyon Live Oak

Common Name

Canyon Live


Canyon, Golden Cup, Maul

Botanical Name

Quercus chrysolepi

Learn More

Canyon Live Oak aka Canyon, Golden Cup, Maul (Quercus chrysolepi) is a magnificent evergreen oak native from south-western Oregon through California into Baja California, Mexico. Though in arid conditions it may grow as a shrubby tree to only 20 feet tall, in most of its range it can grow up to 90 feet tall and wide. Can be heavily productive of very large acorns up to 2 inches long, that are traditionally used as a nutritious food after leaching out their tannins. Tough and long lived tree it can take temperatures down to -11 degrees F.

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