Pick Your Pomegrante Special – 4 Plants Minimum

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Alk Pust Ghermez Saveh (Organic)

Iranian variety has delicious sweet, with some tart red skinned fruit.

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Bala Miursal (Organic)

Large 1 pound deep crimson skinned fruit has red juice and a great sweet-tart flavor. Excellent for storing as they can keep for 3 to 4 months. This strong growing and heavy bearing selection is from Azerbaijan.

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Double Red (Organic)

Gorgeous ornamental with striking double red flowers. Produces medium-large red fruit that has a thin rind and pink tart and juicy arils.

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White Flower (Organic)

Showy double white flowers are followed by yellow-green fruit that has hard seeds, making the fruit best for juice.

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Wonderful (Organic)

One of the Best!" Classic pomegranate has large gorgeous red hued fruit with intensely sweet tart juicy deep crimson colored pulp. Main season.

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Pick Your Pomegrante Special – 4 Plants Minimum

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Pick your Pomegranate deal.  Get 5% off with purchase of at least 4 Pomegranates.

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