Transform Your Yard

Transform Your Yard (TYY) is a non-profit permaculture landscaping service offered by Planting Justice.

We provide on-site consultations, customized designs, full-service permaculture installations, garden coaching and maintenance.

We value ecological design, community resilience and indigenous sovereignty in all of our work.

Keep scrolling to learn more about what we offer & how you can transform your yard with us!


What We Offer

Our permaculture services use existing resources from your land and community to bring your vision to life.

While each garden is unique, our common garden elements include the following!

Transform Your Yard Annual Vegetable Garden Beds
Transform Your Yard perennial food forests
Transform Your Yard trellises and arbors
Transform Your Yard medicinal garden graphic
Transform Your Yard calnative
Transform Your Yard herb spirals
Transform Your Yard compost systems
Transform Your Yard chicken coop
Transform Your Yard beehives
Transform Your Yard rainwater catchment
Transform Your Yard earthworks
Transform Your Yard greywater systems
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Step 1: Consultation

You can begin the transformation by scheduling an in-person consultation with one of our experienced permaculture designers.

Step 2: Design

After a consultation, our Permaculture Design team can create a customized permaculture design to bring your landscape and vision to life.

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Transform Your Yard image asset 1

Step 3: Installation

Our experienced installation crew prioritizes ecologically sourced materials and creative solutions to meet your budget. We strive to be leaders of regenerative landscaping in the Bay Area, while acknowledging that we work and live on occupied Ohlone territory. When the transformation is complete your yard will be as delicious as it is beautiful.

Step 4: Maintenance & Garden Coaching

After install, we offer seasonal maintenance or garden coaching to deepen your relationship with your landscape, plants, and broader ecosystem. From novice gardeners to experienced green thumbs, our team brings versatile knowledge and experience in permaculture practices.

Learn more about our maintenance & garden coaching services

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Some of Our Favorites

We offer a wide range of professional landscaping services and have built over 200 edible gardens in the Bay Area.

Below are some of our favorite projects in the last five years. We are proud of our work to re-envision and transform yards into edible landscapes.

Lora Jo’s in Oakland
Laurie’s In El Cerrito
Hali and Margy’s in Berkeley
Rebecca’s in Walnut Creek

See What an Installation Looks Like

Check out this timelapse video to see how a real TYY installation happens.

Let’s Transform Your Yard. What Are You Waiting For?

Hire Transform Your Yard to create a permaculture garden for you and your community, and become part of the growing movement for climate resilience, indigenous sovereignty, and food justice.

Join our community of local food and medicine growers and contribute to a community of solutions, all while helping Planting Justice provide green jobs and investing in local leadership!

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